LOBO-0019 Yaquina Bay

Yaquina Bay
Yaquina Bay

The Yaquina Bay estuary is located on the Oregon coast at Newport. The estuary is approximately 4329 acres in area and has a watershed of approximately 253 square miles.

The Yaquina Bay estuary is designated as a Deep Draft Development estuary under the Oregon Estuary Classification system. The geomorphology of the area is that of a drowned river mouth estuary consisting of a narrow mouth, embayments, and a narrow upstream channel. The mean tidal range at Newport is 6 feet, and the tidal influence extends to about river mile 26.

The Yaquina Bay estuary is located in Lincoln County. The Yaquina estuary is primarily used for recreational boating, fishing, crabbing, clamming, wildlife watching and tourism. It is also home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Oregon State University (OSU) Hatfield Marine Science Center.


Manufacturer System Services/Measurements
Satlantic LOBO Power distribution
Sensor control
Wireless communication
Data management
Satlantic ISUS Nitrate Nitrate Concentration
WET Labs ECO-CDS Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM)
WET Labs WQM Water Quality Monitor Salinity, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Chlorophyll Concentration
Satlantic PAR Sensor Photosynthetically Active Radiation
WET Labs CYCLE PO4 Sensor Phosphate

44°37'45.82"N 124°2'29.25"W

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